GS Plus E-Mail Server

GS Plus E-Mail Server is an innovative technology that works along with Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) to make it much more affordable for your organization.

It builds upon everything that you love about Google Workspace (formerly G Suite), while tearing down the cost barriers.

You have to be an industry insider to know that Google Workspace allows 30 Aliases per User ID.

This is to allow customers to customize the Google Workspace as per their individual needs. However, unless you are an email server geek, you’d not know what to do and how to do.

Our team of experts with 20 years of experience in E-Mail servers, has made it super easy for you to leverage this Alias feature within our GS Plus E-Mail Server.

You can now have 30 employees on your corporate email for the price of 1.

!!! Let every employee has a unique email id on G Suite platform!!!

Sharing the same G Suite Email ID among multiple employees crates serious business limitations like “From” address and “Reply To” address need to be shared. No individual accountability!

Case Study

Case Study 1 : Augment G Suite with G S Plus Mail Server for Cost Savings
Case Study 2 : Organization on Shared Hosting
Case Study 3 : Organizations with employees who access emails remotely

We use a shared server for providing email services to our 200 employees. Almost 25% of our employees access their email remotely - from customer location or their home office.

The shared server architecture was unreliable and had issues such as virus and malware. We planned to migrate to G Suite, but the price tag was holding us back. GS Plus offered us an innovative way to move away from shared server without increasing our costs.

We identified 150 users who access their emails only from the office. GS Plus team helped us procure 5 G Suite Ids @2520/ and setup 150 Alias Accounts (30 Per G Suite ID ). From our Mail Hosting Control cPanel we then set up 150 Id’s to their respective email Ids.

These 150 users are now using G Suite via GS Plus, for the price of just 5 G Suite Ids. They get all the benefits of G Suite such as online backup and anti-virus features. Employees who work remotely are continuing with their emails via shared server. So we now have a Hybrid email architecture, partly shared server, partly G Suite.

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We already have G Suite for our domain. Why do we need GS Plus email server?
How does GS Plus work? How does it allow for savings?
We don't use G Suite platform. Does GS Plus work with GoDaddy or other email servers?

At this point GS Plus is available only for G Suit, the best email server in the world. If you would like to migrate to G Suite, please contact us.

How would our employees access their emails?

Your employees can continue to use MS outlook (or any other email client like ThunderBird) to access their email.

Would user experience of employees change in any way?

Users sitting in the office and using email client like MS Outlook would not even realize that they are all mapped to the same G Suite ID. The 'From' and 'Reply To' address for employees will remain the same.

This sounds like a good idea. I want to start saving money. What do I do to get started?
We are thinking of migrating to G Suite for email services, but it is cost prohibitive. Plus, we are not comfortable shifting entire company’s emails to G Suite. How can GS Plus help?

We can setup just couple of emails IDs for your company in G Suite using your current domain, and then map each of these email IDs to up to 30 individual users in your company. For example, if you have 200 email ids running on Go Daddy, we can shift 120 of these to G Suite and GS Plus by setting up four email ids on G Suite and then mapping those 4 ids to 120 individual users. That way, out of 200 users, 80 would still be using Go Daddy, and 120 would be using G Suite/GS Plus. Point to note is that you’d be paying only for 4 email accounts to G Suite.

Are there any limitations of using GS Plus?

G suite has a limitation of sending 2000 emails per day per Primary ID. So in GS Plus environment, all the users setup under the Primary ID will share this limit.

How many Alias users can be created under one Paid G suite?

You can create up to 30 Alias Users under one ID.

Can Alias User be converted to POP and vice versa?

Alias user can be converted to POP any time from your G Suite admin Panel.

We have G Suite Admin Panel can you help us to do entire setup for us?

Once you have installed GS Plus software, you will get full technical support at no additional costs.

We user some other E-Mail server such as GoDaddy, Zoho or Rediff mail. How can GS Plus help us?

We believe G Suite is the most powerful and feature rich email server, but of course, it is the most expensive as well. If you want the power of G Suite, but don’t want to pay the exorbitant costs, GS Plus can help. Advantages of G suite along with GS Plus.