G Suite Legacy

Google is turning off its G Suite legacy accounts

Are you using Free Google Workspace formerly known as G Suite or Google Apps for your business?

All free accounts will expire May 1st, 2022

Thereafter you have to pay or the account will be closed.

Google offered an introductory edition of G Suite having a 15 GB Mailbox also known as the legacy edition of Google Apps.

If you have the G Suite legacy edition, you need to switch to a paid Google Workspace subscription to keep your email services UP with Google.

The G Suite legacy edition will no longer be available starting May 1, 2022.

Starting May 1, Google will move your Legacy edition to the Paid version of Google Workspace which you can use till 1st July 2022, and after.

that based on the no. of email ids it will be charged, or else the accounts will be suspended automatically.

What to do?

Here we recommend everyone who is using the legacy edition of Google to upgrade it to a Google Workspace subscription.

Upgrading to Google Workspace will not affect your data or service availability.

As your email services partner, this is our friendly reminder that you should prepare to upgrade to Google Workspace that meets your needs.

Here's how Spearhead can help Google Legacy users to migrate and save high unexpected costs.

Option 1 : Converting G Suite Legacy to Google Workspace (Zero Downtime)

Convert all your accounts to paid Google Workspace Business Starter Plan in which we will provide a decent discount.

Call us on 9820301931 / 9082173001 OR email us at ggupta@spearheadtech.com

Option 2 : Shift only a few important email ids to paid Google Workspace, and the rest to a much cheaper normal hosting

Refer: https://spearheadinfotech.in/hybrid-mail.html

Option 3 : Switch all accounts to Normal Hosting

Call us on 9820301931 / 9082173001 OR email us at ggupta@spearheadtech.com

Write down your Domain name and no. of active licenses under your account and send it in an email to ggupta@spearheadtech.com

We have team of experts who Migrate your G Suite Legacy to Googleworkspace, Microsoft 365 without hassles .

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