Right email solution for everyone

Give some users the powerful features of GSuite or Microsoft 365 while other utilize basic email service.

Cut down your recurring email hosting charges

If you are running your entire emails on GSuite or Microsoft 365.

Single Integrated

Choose the best email hosting platform powered by GSuite or Microsoft 365 and normal hosting for others under same domain.

If you wish to migrate to Google Workspace OR Microsoft 365 but don’t have the budget, our innovative Hybrid- Email solution is just what you need. Since 1998, Spearhead has delivered innovative and customized email solutions, specifically designed for domestic India market.

We understand the budgetary constraints and the needs of small-mid size companies. The big hurdle in moving your organisation to Google WorkspaceorMicrosoft 365 is the cost! Both charge a hefty fee per user per month, and if you migrate your entire organisation, it adds up to a large bill.

Even if it’s just a handful of employees who truly need those advanced features, IT Managers often make the mistake of migrating entire organisation to these expensive products.

You don’t have to make the same mistake!

Hybrid-Email solution is an innovative technology that allows you to migrate just the selected users to Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace, while other users continue to be on your existing email provider.

You pay the premium pricing ONLY for those users who truly need those features. Hybrid-Email is a deployment technology that has its foundation in Spearhead Email with full compatibility with Google Workspace or Microsoft365.

You don’t have to make the same mistake!

Hybrid-Email Key Benefits

  • Significant cost savings compared to migrating the entire domain to Google Workspace or Microsoft 365.
  • No down time during the setup process.
  • You pick the IDs that you want to migrate to Google Workspace or Microsoft 365, we take care of the rest.
  • You get 30 GB mailbox on Google Workspace or 50 GB on Microsoft 365 with 1TB One Drive Storage.
  • Users can access emails from Laptop, PC, Mobile devices or web.
  • No Spam, No Virus, No malware. Complete peace of mind.

Spearhead is partnered with Google Workspace and Microsoft 365 with certified Team of Experts on both the platform.

Guaranteed: Our seamless migration process ensures a smooth transition with NO DOWN TIME.


What is Hybrid E Mail Hosting?

It is a customised email solution where more than one Platform get combined in a single domain. You can combine either Microsoft 365 or G Suite with Normal hosting and saves a LOT.

Why Should I choose Hybrid Email hosting?
We are currently hosted fully on Microsoft 365 / Google Workspace can we go for hybrid?

Yes, hybrid hosting can be enabled even if you are currently hosting all your emails on Google Workspace or Microsoft 365. Please get in touch with our sales team for more details.

Will you help us in migrating the existing email Ids to Normal hosting or vice versa?

Yes, we can perform a managed email migration solution on a per email id basis from your existing service provider to our Server. Please get in touch with our team for more details.

Is there any Flaws in Hybrid Email hosting?

Absolutely Not. But it should be set up by team of experts. Till now more than 1000 domains are running under our Hybrid Setup